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  • Artificial Grass Infill Granules

    The artificial grass infill makes sure the artificial grass stands upright, with a better appearance and bearing capacity. Generally, quartz sands are often spread in the grass as a base layer while the rubber granules are then covered. On the one hand, the high-elasticity rubber granules greatly simulate the properties and features of soil, thus reducing the probability of injuries. On the other hand, the application of rubber granules assures the grass higher friction and better usage experience since the artificial turf is slippier than natural grass.

  • Artificial Grass Installation Tools
    • Turf Carrier
      Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, the turf carrier is able to easily transport all kinds of turf rolls or PVC rolls.

    • Sand Infill Machine
      The sand infill machine increases the covering speed of sands or rubber granules.

    • Brushing Machine
      Intended for surface maintenance, the brushing machine is well suited for many kinds of artificial turfs.

  • Technical Support

    Before installation, our worker will do these following things. One, recheck the dimensions of your field and make sure it is corresponded with the design drawing. Two, exam the base and make sure it's leveling, hard and clean, and remove large stones or bricks, etc. Plus, if a fine base is not available, 1mm-5mm gravels or sharp sands will be applied.

  • Test
    • Determination of rotational resistance
    • Determination of perpendicularity and shock absorption
    • Determination of ball rebounding


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