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Case Study

In many places in the world, confined by the geographical location, extreme natural condition, economic condition and many other reasons, it's difficult to build and maintain natural grass pitches. What's more, for some indoor stadiums, natural grass cannot grow well with a lack of sunlight. Thus, under such a context, the artificial grass shows its advantages over natural grass. Firstly of all, the artificial turf is applicable to extreme weathers and climates. Secondly, the installation and maintenance for artificial surface is pretty easy and low costing. Thirdly, it's an ideal choice for indoor stadiums. Fourthly, the artificial turf provides a high frequency of use and can also be used in rainy days, since it drains water away quickly. These above mentioned advantages contribute to a bright future of artificial turf. Synthetic lawns provided by WMGRASS are widely used in places as follows:

  • Hebei medical university
  • The first middle school
  • Xiamen sports center
  • Jiangyin chengjiang experimental primary school
  • Football field in Spain

We also provide customization service and design the artificial turf according to your personal preference or demands.



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